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Appleton West Theatre's philosophy has always been to keep productions student-driven. It should be students leading the way on the stage and behind the scenes. Through the process of creation and art, students learn the ins and outs of theatre. Students are exposed to and learn all aspects of the theatre including set construction, painting, set dressings, lighting, sound, stage management, costuming, and assistant directing.  

 High school theatre is a learning opportunity, not a community theatre or a Broadway replicated show; it is about the students putting on their show with their work under the guidance of a professional.




At Appleton West Theatre, we believe that every student needs a place to express themselves, and for many that is not on a court. We understand the importance of having a creative outlet.

We are proud to provide our local community with an entertaining and educational experience that celebrates the art of theatre. Our goal is to help each student develop their skills and reach their full potential.

In conjunction with PBS Wisconsin, Appleton West students wrote, directed, and edited this video about the importance and history of theatre in Appleton. 
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