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Special Projects

High schoolers, Middle schoolers, and flying OH MY! 

For the first time, students and staff from West High School and Wilson Middle School worked together to put on a joint musical production.  Students came together during the week and on weekends to build the set and costumes for the iconic show The Wizard of Oz.  Students from both schools had a chance to shine on the stage, backstage, and in the pit orchestra.  Over 100 students were involved in this production. A performance like this had never been attempted, but both West and Wilson thought it would be a great way to bring together different generations of theatre and do a show of epic proportions. We brought in a special effects flying company and students were trained on how to run that as well! It really was a student-driven performance that was simply over the rainbow. 



A grant from the Ann Moe Art Appreciation Fund within the Appleton Education Foundation supported the production.  

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